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Our optometric practice has been proudly serving the citizens of Talladega, Alabama and surrounding areas since 1998.

Established in 1998, Alabama Eye Clinic is now one of the prominent optometric practices in Talladega. With our state of the art optical and contact lens departments you will receive your glasses and contacts accurately and quickly, with the highest quality and service.

“We at the Alabama Eye Clinic dedicate ourselves to providing you, our patients, with quality personalized, state-of-the art eye care. This allows us to improve your quality of life and maintain healthy eyes for life.”

Our comprehensive eye exams are the most thorough using the latest technology in diagnosing and treatment of eye diseases and refracting for contact lenses and glasses. Dr. Joseph Schnorbus takes the time with each patient to ensure you receive the highest quality care possible. Thank You for choosing the Alabama Eye Clinic for all your eye health needs.

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Not sleeping well? Cataracts affect sleep and cognitive function, says study.

In the study, people who had cataract surgery tended to sleep better and think better.

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