If you have a vision prescription that you have had to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct, there may be another way for you to correct your vision. Getting Lasik surgery is a way of correcting the eye problem that is behind your vision problem so that you no longer need glasses or contacts. An optometrist on our team can refer you to a Lasik doctor if you are a good candidate for the corrective surgery. If you are looking for an eye doctor in Talladega, AL, call our optometrist office to schedule your eye exam appointment. We at Alabama Eye Clinic are here to help.


Assessing the Health of Your Eyes

When you visit an optometrist on our team for your eye exam, we will take a medical history from you, and this includes the health history of your eyes. Your eyes must be healthy enough to get Lasik surgery. There are many eye diseases and conditions that can make you a poor candidate for getting this surgery. Your lifestyle is also looked out to see whether you would have a hard time with the surgery and the healing time.

You also need to have a stable vision prescription. If yours has been steady for a few years, this is important to a good outcome. If your prescription still changes a lot, the surgery may be futile and the results not last long. This also means that kids under the age of eighteen are not a good candidate for Lasik because their eyes have not stopped growing yet.

Assessing Your General Health

There are also several overall health conditions that can cause you to be a poor candidate for Lasik. An eye doctor on our team will talk to you about your general health and your health history to determine whether any of them could interfere with the surgery or your healing period afterward. Some health conditions can mean a worse outcome after surgery or add risk to it. You need to be in healthy condition to be able to heal properly and to have a good outcome from the surgery.

Get Lasik Surgery

If you are a good candidate for getting Lasik surgery, an optometrist on our team will be able to refer you to a Lasik doctor. When you need an eye exam to find out whether you are a good candidate, call our Talladega, AL, optometry office at (256) 362-4872 and schedule your eye exam. We at Alabama Eye Clinic are here to help.