Pediatric care

Getting your child the right pediatric care can be important. If you are looking for an optometrist for your child in Talladega, AL, we at Alabama Eye Clinic offer pediatric eye services to help ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy. 

pediatric care

Why Pediatric Eye Care Can Help

Getting an eye exam can help children at the earliest stages of life. Once school begins, going to an optometrist might become important. Children who have vision problems often struggle in school because they can’t read lessons or classwork. If your child is falling behind in class, they may need a pediatric eye exam. The good news is that these learning problems usually correct themselves quickly once your child’s vision is corrected.

What Will Happen during Your Child’s Eye Exam?

What should you expect during your child’s eye exam? 

During your visit to our eye clinic in Talladega, an optometrist on our optometry team might conduct both vision tests and physical eye exams to make sure your child’s eyes are healthy and strong. He or she may also ask your child questions about how his eyes feel and ask him to describe any persistent feelings of pain or discomfort. 

If your child can’t explain his vision issues on his own yet, never fear, our team has the knowledge to help pinpoint children’s needs when it comes to eye health. 

We can help provide prescriptions for eyeglasses and contacts to help correct your child’s vision. We can evaluate any type of refractive error he may have and help it get corrected to that he can get back to his life.

Periodic eye exams may be important for people of many ages because of the way that these exams can help screen for different types of vision disorders and ailments. By the time that someone notices vision loss from an eye disease, such as glaucoma, that vision loss might already be permanent. Eye exams can help catch these eye diseases early so that your vision can remain unimpaired. 

Getting Pediatric Optometrist Care in Talladega, AL

It can help your child’s health and success to get his eyes checked early and regularly. Getting optometrist care doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. We at Alabama Eye Clinic offer pediatric optometry care to help make sure your child gets exactly what he needs when it comes to his eyes. To schedule an eye exam, contact us at (256) 362-4872.